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Hooray for dead air compressors! Did you know that modern CNC equipment can't do it's thing without air pressure? And that a broken compressor spells complete shutdown for a shop? Hehehehe. The compressor broke a belt, cost us most of the morning worth of productivity. No big deal. But then in trying to get back on top of things the thing kept overheating. So we got sent home early. No overtime, boohoo. Oh yeah and we got told not to come in today. Freedom!! My Goddess I could actually go out in the sun today! Yesterday when I went out for break because the machine was down was the first time I saw the sun since last Sunday. Been working from before dawn till twilight. So I really need to make the effort to do something like get out riding today while it's hopefully nice.

Hmmmm... can't think of anything else to report.

Another day, another dollar

Yep, that's what I'm thinking today, another day, another dollar. *sigh* So didn't want to get out of bed this morning, but then again, when do I ever. Least the moonlight on the sheets was a welcome sight to wake up to. Oh yeah, and LAPLOP! hehehe. Yep, it came yesterday, and I'm finally getting to play with it. Nothing quite like fighting through all the MS 'we'd really like to have you do it our way!' utilities all over. Plus a few IBM ones too boot. Though I have to say, IBM makes a sweet laptop. Yeah sure they all look about the same, but this one is sturdy in all the right places, with just the right number of cool gadgets. I like it! Oh and it's so quiet! Sitting on my lap here I think what I'm hearing is the fan, but even that's barely noticeable. The hard drive is ... well lets just say if it weren't for the blinky light I'd never know it was doing anything. Wireless is great too, now that I figured out what the stupid thing was doing. It was set into a battery save mode, so it kept disconnecting from the network. No biggie, except it refused to figure out which network it had left and reconnect to that one. Kept trying to log into some other system Goddess only knows where. It definitely gets better reception than the card on the other laptop. It picked up a ton of systems I'd never seen before. Makes me want to take up Wardriving, hehehehe. Still have a way to go on the old making it mine routine though. There isn't even any music on it yet! Sad. But we'll be fixing that soon enough, oh yes. Gonna make a bonified DJ box out of this yet. *grin* Oh and get this, I don't know if it's Firefox's new version, or something else, but it's actually spell checking for me as I go. Or at least underlining junk it thinks I've misspelled. I tell you, foxish just doesn't get the respect it deserves. Silly spellchecker, it's not English, it's Foxish! There it goes again, telling me "foxish" isn't a word. Bite me monkeys! Wheee, for some reason writing in my journal here makes me all hyper and silly. I love it. Well anyway I gotta get to the daily grind. Another day of there before the sun rises and sets before I get home. Blech.



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